Meet Kate

Kate Rosenbarger was raised in New Albany, Indiana.  Growing up in a downtown neighborhood with a city planner as a father and an educator as a mother, she learned from a young age that everyone deserves a safe, stable neighborhood that they feel proud to call home. Kate has applied this lesson to her own career in community development. As such, she is passionate about working with communities to promote neighborhood strengths, work toward sustainable goals, and attract and retain investment.

Kate is an attorney who does not practice law. Instead, she spent more of her career with NeighborWorks America, a national nonprofit focused on community development and housing.  There, she worked with residents in 240 communities across the country to determine their neighborhood strengths, to figure out what was missing, and to set goals for improvement.  

Through her work in cities and neighborhoods, she knows that change starts small–in our cities, in our neighborhoods, with the people around you.  It’s about sharing ideas, engaging, and working together toward common goals.

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